U P D A T E D : 01.Feb 2008

our webpage will get re-worked , so expect an new one end of April 2008, and last not least our long time announced MP3 Download Plattform is planned to go online with 1st of May 2008"

24/March/2008 lim. repressings of 3 long time deleted albums by MASCHINENZIMMER 412 "Macht durch Stimme" CD, RUNES ORDER "1988-2022" CD and HUNTING LODGE "Will" CD

30/April/2007 new CD releases by PROSCENIUM "Weltschmerz" and MELEK-THA "Acclaim hell"

28/March/2007 new album by TONY WAKEFORD (SOL INVICTUS) "In The Woods" CD

February 2007: we are pleased to announce that most of the actual and especially long time deleted DARK VINYL backcataologue is now available on iTunes, E-Music, Finetunes, Napster ,Fnac and other Official Download plattforms. You can find there long time deleted albums from ARCHON SATANI, INANNA, DISSECTING TABLE, PHALLUS DEI, NEITHER NEITHER WORLD ... and many others

10/June/2006 new release by ECHO WEST "In Pop We Trust"

10/April/2006 new cooperation-release with TURSA: SOL INVICTUS "sol veritas lux" CD (reissue ; digipack with 16 page booklet plus bonusmaterial)

31/March/2006 new releases by SATOR ABSENTIA "Existime" CD and KIRCHOHMFELD "Querschnitt" CD

06/February/2006 new releases by GRUNTSPLATTER "The Aberrant Laboratory" CD and MELEK-THA "The Decimation World" CD

April/2005 new releases by ECHO WEST "Echoes of the West" CD and ARCHON SATANI "In Shelter"CD (repressing)

April/2005 new releases by PSYCHONAUT 75 "Hellmachine" CD and PROSCENIUM "Behind the Curtain"CD

15/January/2005 new release by SOL INVICTUS "The Devil`s Steed" CD (new album, lim.edition in 6 page digipack)

04/October/2004 new releases by MELEK-THA "War is Coming" CD and HIS DIVINE GRACE "Eurydice" CD

01/July/2004 re-release of LUSTMORD "First - A Document .." CD

01/April/2004 new releases by PHALLUS DEI "Osmose - the lost Tapes of Pontifex Maximus " CD , NEITHER / NEITHER WORLD "Maddening Montagery" (re-issue with new artwork plus bonustrack), HOEDH "Universum"

3/Jan/2004 MONDBLUT " Scorn " 10 of 10 Points / BLACK Magazin

29/Dec/2003 LE TESTAMENT DE LA LUMIÈRE " Der Tod ist ein treuer Kamerad " 10 of 10 Points / BLACK Magazin

29/Dec/2003 our new releases are now available: LE TESTAMENT DE LA LUMIÈRES "Der Tod ist ein treuer Kamerad" and MONDBLUT "Scorn"

21/10/2003 good news from PHALLUS DEI : "PONTIFEX MAXIMUS II" should be with us in 2004 ( very orchestral and back to the roots )

16/10/2003 MELEK-THA "Evil Indoctrination" : 10 of 10 Points / ORKUS Magazine

15/07/2003 new release by SATOR ABSENTIA "True Meaning of Golgotha"CD

15/07/2003 new release by MELEK-THA "Evil Indoctrination"CD

10/10/2003 Welcome to our new web-page !

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